Monday, 27 May 2013


So as I blogged a few weeks ago, my photoshoot for my final project, I did another photoshoot with my models after that...

And 7+ weeks and 4 sketch books after starting the project, the final final deadline is tomorrow, luckily I've finished all my paper work and sketch books so don't have to have a mad panic and instead thought I'd blog my exhibition work and final portfolio...

Exhibition space
Exhibition space
Exhibition space
Fingers crossed for the grades for my outcome of both the portfolio and hanging board I'm presenting at my university in the show (alongside my hard thought sketchbooks and paperworks!)

50's shoot, pin-up inspired
60's shoot, twiggy inspired
70's shoot, hippie inspired

80's shoot, flashdance inspired

90's shoot, grunge inspired

A massive thanks to all my models, will be probably blogging more (And hopefully I can blog a few pictures from the wedding I shot on thursday! Mega excited to see how them pictures look)


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