Friday, 17 May 2013

Current jewellery obsession

So as of late, I've been a tiny bit obsessed with buying new jewellery; I'm a sucker for a chunky necklace, and surprisingly nearly all my buys have been from Dorothy Perkins...
Here's a few of my latest jewellery buys....

Metal link collar necklace, £12.50, DP

Beads and bars necklace, £12.50, DP
This second necklace has very similar colours and design to the first, however its circular shape makes it my favourite at the moment, I love the design and its not at all heavy to wear.

Magnetic clasp necklace, £8, DP
This third necklace has an easy to wear magnetic clasp as its opening/closing and its simple design is very eays to wear as an everyday necklace.

Multi chain spike necklace, £10, £DP

Double loop silver earrings, £6, DP
This is the latest addition to my earring collection.. quite a classic design which I really like, very reasonably and also available in gold.

ASOS earring, £8
These last earrings aren't extremely new but they are one of my all time favourite earrings, easy to dress down for the day time, and up for the night, I absolutely love the colour mix and they go well with my first two necklaces.

Now, I have to rush to work; thanks for reading!


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