Saturday, 27 April 2013

Most of my wardobe is black clothes... OOTD

With most of my wardobe including black clothes, I couldn't resist continuing this love and buying the Black Joni jeans, which do fit alot better than any other high waisted jeans I've tried, they're also fairly figure hugging and extremely comfortable. And with staying on my black trend, I also pruchased a crop top from boohoo for just £8, which I'm growing to love more and more. This is also my OOTD.

Black mesh Crop Top, £8, Boohoo
Black Joni Jeans, £36, Topshoop

I also recently opted for a tiny bit of a colour with a 60's style dress I fell in love with in the MOTELROCKS sale, I was so happy that I got it for just £10 with free delivery, everyone should definitely check out their sale and website.


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