Friday, 15 February 2013

My latest want, a pinafore dress

After doing some online browsing (because of a £0.00 bank balance), I have grown madly in love with pinafore dresses, something which seems to be on every website I've looked at. It's the line between how cute and slightly nerdy they look which makes me want one so bad, and especially since I've seen a few in my favourite colour navy I can't help but sit and feel slightly upset that I haven't got one.

ASOS Pinafore Knit Dress (£22.00)
ASOS Denim Pinafore Dress in Spot Print (£35.00)

DAHLIA Ella Black Scallop Edge Pinafore (£64.00)
MISS SELFRIDGE Mid Wash Denim Pinafore dress (£40.00)

MISS SELFRIDGE Spotted Pinafore Playsuit (Navy - £39.00)
BOOHOO Claire Jacquard Pattern Pinafore Dress (£20.00)
I would happily wear any one of these dresses, and I need to decide which one I may eventually buy when I have the money. What a tough choice.



  1. Theres such an amzing one in toppers that would suit you! (Yes, i am pretending to work from LFW) haha, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. What's it like?! Ahhh I just texted you haha good luck for your super long day :) xxxxxxx