Sunday, 3 February 2013

An exhibition people either love or hate

Mr Brainwash, Thierry Guetta put on his first European solo art exhibition last year from the summer, the exhibition in the old sorting office on New Oxford Street which ended a fair few months ago now was one which I personally really liked. However, after going to the exhibition and reading some reviews over the internet afterwards it became apparent to me that an exhibition I liked and felt so inspired by, actually aggrivated some people.

I think I may of liked the way he presented his work more than anything, the oversized installations and the array of all his paintings and photographs over a 30 ft wall, the way it wasn't all closed in and you could actually wander through his work was something which impressed me. I also did really like the way he took iconic people such as Kate Moss, the Beatles, ACDC, Mr Bean, Amy Winehouse and created a new creative piece using pop art or another spectacular way. However, this was also what people didn't like about the exhibition... but I guess you can't complain about reviews because it still means people are talking about your work...

Large scale installations
Pop art on famous people, Beatles meets KISS
These are a few of my favourites, but I'd tell everyone to have a look at his work, just to see whether you like it or not! (He has also made the album cover for Madonna's Celebration album, and the promotion for the Red Hot Chili Pepper's 'Im with you' tour)

My acrylic paint drawing (left) of his installation (right)


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