Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Pixie cuts

 In 2009/2010, when I was 15/16 I decided to cut my extremely short into a pixie cut, it was a big change for me, I'd always had hair over my face and this cut completely exposed my face. Nothing is hidden with a pixie cut. However, since then I've grown my hair out to just past shoulder length, and as much as I prefer having hair always there theres a part of me that when I clip all my hair up makes me just want to chop it all off again, that and constantly looking at celebrities with Pixie cuts and admiring how gorgeous they look.

Michelle Williams Pixie cut, actress
Emma Watson's pixie cut, actress

Carey Mulligans pixie cut, actress

It's been said a short fringe in a pixie cut draws major attention to peoples eyes and cheekbones, like Williams' and Mulligans'. Having a short fringe and volume on top also elongates oval-shaped faces, which is another reason which makes me want to take the scissors to my now longer curls. I literally am in a complete predicament about what to do with my hair now.

My hair, clipped up, looks like a pixie cut
I guess I will have to spend some time thinking about what I should do, cos' Ill instantly regret it if I just cut it all off after growing it for all this time...


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